Initial interview:

Personal details and information regarding assets of the deceased collected. Reporting documents completed.

Report estate to Master of the High Court:

Lodge reporting documents with the Master and request Letters of Executorship.

Letters of Executorship received:

An advertisement to debtors and creditors is placed in the local newspaper. Certificates of balance are also requested from the relevant institutions regarding the assets, and relevant assets redeemed. Any assets to be transferred to beneficiaries need to wait until the Liquidation Account has been advertised free from any objections.

Advertisement to Debtors and Creditors placed for 30 days

Preliminary work:

Obtain all vouchers in estate (including those required to complete the final Income Tax Return and Capital Gains Tax Return). Tax Return completed and assessment awaited. When all vouchers obtained, then

Liquidation and Distribution Account is drawn up and Lodged with the Master of the High Court

Await his query sheet and confirmation. Then the Estate Account can be

Advertised for the 21 day inspection period

When Account has been advertised free from any objections then inheritances can be distributed and immovable property transferred

(NOTE: Property transactions can delay matters in the Estate)